Fearless Kiss
Hey lovelies ! I'm a 19 year old Uni girl from Canada. I'm obsessed with all things cute and girly. Thunderstorms are my absolute favourite thing in the world. Along with sunflowers, cookie dough, art, summer and sparkles. I have the most amazing boyfriend and best friends I could ask for <3 And I like potatoes. Haha. Also, I love getting messages from my followers, they make my day :)

This is one of my favourite pictures. I wish I looked like her&#160;!

This is one of my favourite pictures. I wish I looked like her !

Life Update! 

Hey lovelies. Haven’t blogged in the past week or so due to final exams and such ! I’ve had three so far and they’ve all gone really well. I’ve also had a few interviews, which have gone really well ! I have another on Thursday though, and I’m afraid I might have to cancel it because I think I’m about to get an offer for one I had last week. 

My dilemna: The first job is way more intense, better pay, alot farther.. The second is more my pace, its really close to home and I think I’d enjoy it more. So do I challenge myself with the first one and get a better experience? Or go for the one that’s just so much more convenient for me? Advice would be great :)

posted 2 years ago on 13/4/2012+